All of your field reports and checklist on your tablet.

Reports and checklist now at your disposal wherever your are. No need to be prepared you always have your reports with you even when you are not connected.



Are you overwhelmed with all the different reports and checklist that you need to be completed during inspections, audits or incidents. Are you losing valuable time printing out excel or word templates, filling them in, scanning them, storing them on a server. Today we want to give you back this valuable time and allow you to focus on what happens in the field instead of doing admin.



Location based

You can create Daily reports or complete an incident report located on a drawing. This will provide more context and allow you to easily follow-up on the actions coming out of the report.


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Clear link with actions

For the first time a clear link between a report or a checklist and the actions that follow. In just one click you have a clear view of action status and progress


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Need to roll out company wide processes to make sure you can improve over time? No problem we got you covered. We’ll allow you to standardise reports and checklist across all your users.


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Need to keep the big picture on your project or in your company here also dashboards allow you to quickly drill down on recurring issues and pin down areas of improvements. 


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